Tips For Solo Women Traveling In China


Though China offers wonderful experience of cultural heritage but can be an exotic place for women traveling alone in this country. Most of such women are uneasy for traveling to China due to safety reasons even if it offers various attractions for the tourists. Some tips for solo women traveling in China are provided in this write-up to make their trip enjoyable and worry free.

Avoid Traveling In Black Cabs: The owners of black cabs, privately owned cars, drive their cars after their routine work to make their livelihood or some extra money. For this reason some of them charge fare as ridiculously higher rate from the foreign women tourists, who are not good at Chinese, traveling alone. So traveling through black cabs should be avoided.

Keep your valuables and passport carefully: Instead of carrying your passport and other valuables with you all the time you should make the copies of your passport, contact details of your hotel and itinerary so that you can use then when required and keep the originals safe.

Experience local means of transportation: Instead of hiring private cabs you should use public transport facilities including subways, buses, trains and bikes etc. to get the authentic feel of local China along with saving lots of money.

Carry Tissue Paper In Your Pocket: You may not get toilet paper in most of the public restrooms in China. So it is better for solo women traveling in China to carry their own toilet paper in their pocket to avoid inconvenience.

Avoid walking alone at night: Though the streets in China are well lit at night still you should avoid to travel through them alone at night as they may give you uncomfortable feeling. You should be careful about your surrounding while traveling through China alone at night.

Dress yourself properly: Though Chinese women are known for their fashion sense still you should avoid wearing indecent clothes that draw others unwanted attention.

Avoid Encountering Strangers: While traveling alone in China you may come across strangers who may want to learn English from you for easy conversation. You should reject their offer if they insist you to go with them at some special place, as it can be dangerous.

Travel Through Metered Taxis: Some of the government approved taxi drivers illegally tell you the charges of entire trip in advance. You should hire a taxi that turns on the meter before starting and provides you receipt after the end of the journey.

Avoid encouraging street vendors: Some of the roadside vendors outside the spots of tourist interest follow you to sell their products. You should go on walking and ignore them, if you are not interested in their products.

Plan Your Trip In Advance: You may come across certain scammers including fraudulent tour organizers and medicine sellers etc. while visiting most of the busy tourist attractions in China. Instead of compromising with the situation you should plan your trip in advance to avoid such situation.

Thus by following these tips solo women traveling in China can remain safe and comfortable in this foreign land.